Cuzin Judy is Orange County's Top Rated 5 Star Variety Band! The 5 piece male and female fronted band sizzles with solid rock from the 70's, 80's, 90's and current hits too! Hire this band to energize your party, club, outdoor event, or whatever you are hosting and get ready to dance and sing! These experienced professionals have been playing for years with passion and desire and know how to get the party started and jump start the fun too! Our dedication to a quality sound and perfection for the music creates a unique listening experience that will delight your senses with memories of the past and inspiration for the future! Our fans love the excitement and the variety of the music we play so well live!

Gig Alert! November 11th - Cuzin Judy opening for Missing Persons! Don the Beachcomer in HB! 8-9pm.